Exposure Testing

Most people in the modern world — especially now in large cities, are exposed to High Frequency (HF) electromagnetic fields that are many thousands of times higher than they were only 15 years ago!  (Often hundreds of thousands x higher) Why?  Think about every wireless device in your home.  This includes your cell phone, cordless phones, WiFi routers, computers, laptops, tablets,  baby  monitor, new SMART electric meters, bluetooth devices like keyboards, mice, wearable technology, etc.  Next, look at all the new cell phone antenna towers or masts going up all around your neighbourhood and city.  Look at all the WiFi access points available now.  Notice all of the wireless technology used in schools these days as part of “The 21st Century Learning” initiative planned back in 2008.  All of these things generate high levels of microwave radiation.  These radiation levels are increasing all the time as we expand our wireless infrastructure and lifestyle.  And these exposures are constant — 24 hours a day.  Now, more than ever, it is especially important to avoid exposure when possible,  and it is extremely important that your sleeping area be free from this kind of radiation.  Young adults and children are especially sensitive to this kind of radiation.

To begin, consider getting a basic RF detector to start “seeing” and hearing the invisible radiation levels around you — especially if you live in a multi-unit dwelling or apartment.  Without a detector, you won’t know for example if a neighbour has moved their DECT cordless phone base to the other side of your bedroom wall.

Although I have and use professional testing equipment, my general awareness comes from a simple and inexpensive RF detector called the Safe and Sound.  There are many small inexpensive devices on the market - some with lots of lights and fancy displays, but they are not very accurate and too technical for most people.  This can create a false sense of security, or indicate a concern where there is none.  This was a problem I continued to see with low cost detectors that needed a solution, so I designed and developed the Safe and Sound with my colleague at 9CI.  We engineered it to be the most accurate device in its price range with a more even response across its claimed frequency range of 200 MHz to 8 GHz.  It was tested extensively in an RF lab.  Each unit is hand calibrated for accuracy.  It is very easy to use, small, and designed to quickly show the microwave radiation levels in your area.  I keep one with me all the time.  I have used and tested most every kind of meter on the market; I simply consider accuracy, reliability and build quality to be essential.

Here’s a short instructional video I did for the company that distributes them:

The distributer of the Safe and Sound RF Detector is Safe Living Technologies.

The Low Frequency (LF) fields generated from high voltage power lines, electricity in home wiring, appliances etc. haven’t changed much in the last 15 years with the exception of compact fluorescent light bulbs and switching power supplies that are now common in most homes.  They can create what’s known as dirty electricity.  It is important to be aware of these invisible fields as well — especially once again, in sleeping areas.  Even before modern dirty electricity, many electrical appliances of the past and present create potential health issues — proximity to high voltage power lines, transformers, fans, refrigerators  and electric blankets to name a few.

A good semi-professional low frequency meter is the Gigahertz Solutions ME3840B.  it can measure both AC electric and magnetic fields up to 100 KHz.  The readings from this meter (in Volts per meter and nano-Tesla) can be used with the Building Biology Guidelines as before.

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