My early years usually involved playing with electronics, and I learned to solder at the age of 6.  At age 13, I was one of Canada’s youngest licensed amateur (ham) radio operators.  This meant that I had a high exposure to RF and EM fields early in life, and this resulted in a sensitivity to them.  Today, I am very aware of how much our environment has changed - especially in the last decade.  Look at all the new cell phone base towers and antennas going up around you - and notice all of the wireless devices and gadgets in your home.  They can be transmitting constantly - at power levels that will surprise you!  More people are experiencing a constant, non-stop exposure to microwave radiation than ever before.  Peer reviewed science clearly shows that this can eventually affect your health.  And quite likely, it is already affecting your quality of sleep.

The current “safety” standards based only on thermal heating effects are out-dated and extremely short sighted.  They were made long before we had the ability to look at DNA and genetic damage.

These standards need to be modified, and they need to consider the many biological effects of multiple long term exposures.

The purpose of this web site is to increase awareness and help promote a precautionary approach to the use of wireless technology. Understanding this information will lead to more informed decisions about how EMF can affect your life.  I invite you to learn as much as possible - especially about constant exposure to low-level, pulsed digital microwave radiation.   It is a fast growing reality in our world.

Bruce Hildesheim

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